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Rayon, Bamboo, Synthetics: Spandex, Polyester, etc.

My thoughts & care tips for these fibers (as well as why bamboo is not a natural fiber) will be added over the next few weeks:

Rayon: Scientists first started experimenting & creating rayon in the late 1890s, however, it was pretty flammable.  It wasn’t until the 1950s that rayon really because popular and widespread. Rayon was made originally to reproduce some qualities of expensive silk at a much cheaper price. Rayon is a manmade cellulose fabric – in short: Wood Pulp.
Now that seems nice – and I have loved a rayon fabric or two in my day, however – if you were to drive by a rayon fabric factory you would experience the smell of a paper mill combined with a bit of nail polish remover. My take home point: rayon is not a natural fabric because of the extensive chemical process in which it undergoes to make wood mush into a fabric.

How to Care for it: Because Rayon can be made by combining different chemicals with wood pulp, it often has different properties. Best to stick with the care labels on rayon piece of clothing and for seamstresses to always test of swatch of rayon before committing to washing and drying a whole piece.


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