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The slow clothing movement

What does it mean to be a designer of heirloom clothing?

For me it means:
*Looking at what we hand down, take care of, mend, spend time cherishing both for sentimental reasons and for the quality of the item;
then it means striving to make pieces that will continue to fill that heirloom role in our lives.

*Creating heirloom clothing means utilizing sustainable practices. There are many ways designers & makers achieve this.
At UA, I use:
End cut fabrics, organic fabrics, natural fibers, vintage & antique buttons and trim, also fine high quality fabrics -which means using every last bit.
I produce limited edition or a few of a kind collections -these pieces are unique. Time, planning, and care has gone into each stitch and subtle embellishment.

*It means being invested:
In knowing where my supplies come from and how they were made. In the future of our land & its resources. In future generations. In clean water, air, & soil. In doing my part and asking you to spend wisely, sustainably, and with folks that are trying to do less harm.


This article by David Friedlander: What is heirloom design?

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This book by Elizabeth L. Kline : Overdressed: The Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion 

And my own page on how to care for your fiber treasures stay tuned for more fibers:

Laundry & Fiber Know How  -It’s an ancient art- 

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