1. 01. September


    I still have a lot of boots.

    I liked that sentence. I wish I could John Wayne out and say vague words & throw up a picture of a tree sway & leave it the heck* at that.
    *See how I cleaned that up- it’s in ode to my Sapphire. Turns out she used to read my blog religiously. And I cuss. curse. blaspheme. And she would cluck and harrumph & tell me I’d never enter the ministry successfully with a mouth like that. She can’t remember to check a blog nowadays. She can’t remember lots. But I try to hold back a cuss out of every 3 – just for the sake of her.

    I’m in my old room in my old house. In my house, Pumpkin Hill,  where I can successfully grow no pumpkins but blessedly the heirloom roses limp along in fierceness and glory. I downsized and minimized until I gave away almost every piece of hard work duds I own. So I brought the boots; and the dog. After being here a week I bought: a sweater & a dress, 15 gallons of paint, and a shitload of flower seeds. For fall planting.

    I’m scraping the old girl – the house not the dog. I’m caulking and sanding and climbing around on ladders, with my ass hanging out of a few pairs of old jeans, and my arms growing stronger. My head thinking too much and my days full of gratitude. I love this place & this time of year. I’m not cutting corners. I’m paying penance and homage to the last year I lived in her – I neglected her awfully when just trying to survive myself and heartbreak. And then I left.


    My pals around here are newly in love. It’s a glory to watch. I mean it. Trill on untarnished and devouring starsong bird diving love.
    I’m newly in love too. Loving my little house -my piece of sanity and warmth, with newfound appreciation.

    I’m living with my friends who have been renting her for the past couple years. We’ve all lived together off and on variously throughout the years. A decade more or less now. I love my little home’s family. The way we get irked in close quarters, brushing shoulders past her one bathroom door and the way the house is a full bosomed bird; cozy and kind, spreading her voluminous wings around us all. There is no lonely at Can’t-Grow-One-Pumpkin-Hill. I like that & how many folks tell me my little house is home to them, there are so many. The house likes it too -our respective ample bosoms fluffed up from purpose and our hearts warm with love of the thing. Shelter. It’s so good falling back in love with an old flame.

    All I need now is whiskey, for October to last forever and for my back and feet to not give out. And Jane music. On the front porch every night. Ruth Moody should come too. I think they’d play well together.

    Jane Music - click that name.
    Girl gets better and better. And she wrote two songs for me on her new cd. My anthems, not necessarily on purpose… but grateful for them all the same.

    When I get done painting I’ll put my hand back to sewing. Until then here are some photos of my lately:








  2. 02. Water Ink Dress & A Wee Fabric Sale



    Cotton/Silk Reversible Dress. One of a kind. Find it here:

    I’m downsizing, minimizing and generally trying to travel lighter, feel free-er & get honest about exactly how many fabrics (and other things) I can use foreseeably in this lifetime.

    I used to cock my head at women who would come round the fancy fabric shop where I worked part time & buy up hoards and hoards of fabric that I would never see sewn into anything. I wondered if they just took them out & petted them & then put them away again. …I have become those women. Oh sure I sew. I totally sew – but not at the voracious rate I’d have to to get through my bounty during my lifetime.

    Worse. I organize my fabric very well. So it’s a bit of a trompe l’oeil -what I actually have. That’s Fraench for “punch of the eye” … it’s normally translated in english as “trick of the eye” but in my hoarding fabric sense – it’s a literal translation. It’s a punch alright.

    I need to paint my beautimous craftsman farmhouse. Badly. And I need to have less to haul around in my 1960′s chevy truck bed. -Listen if I’m dreaming then I’m going to have a 60′s chevy in my dreams… So these days I’m throwing a fabric sale on my selling website & I’m still sewing the perfect few pieces. Slowly. Like heirloom pieces require.

    Swing round the sabella selling site – grab some fabric – more will come. And if you don’t sew – grab a dress, or a linen wrap top. Only a few. Or in some cases, only one.

    Happy September. It is the best month.






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