The Zephyr Gown

  1. 01. The Zephyr Gown

    The sea the sea!

    Silk & sand & seagulls. A silk gown called the Zephyr.







    With a sunset to match:



    A gown fit for a midsummer’s eve frolic, wedding, or ball. Purchase it here -

  2. 02. Inspired by: black & white & color all over

     Back on the east coast:

    My fabrics were in the hues of pale whisper pink & sandy beige, throw in some grey & charcoal and I was done. Grey skies & misty morns. Something cobblestone and smokey, a bit smudged like an old black & white movie, that’s what I liked to design for.

    Comrades watching me order fabric would say, “If it’s the color of cement, the gal will take it!” They’d chortle and I’d chortle and grab it up. I still have a fondness for pale and dusky. Like a pale spring dawn.  


    ua silk sand

     Now that I’m west:

    I’m grabbing for robin’s egg blue, cobalts, poppy, rosy coral, and mustards.  A scrub bush, a juniper tree, a big expanse of blue blue sky, don’t be fooled -I’ve decided bright dresses are the western world’s colorful flowers – the brown dirt and straw stretch for miles and miles before you get to that heartbreak blue.

    It’s been moody and cloudy, the Colorado sky these past two days. I always feel guilty like it’s heard me longing for a bit of mist, a bit of greige- when it goes this way.

    I’m draping dresses for swirling. Don’t you love a swirl? If I had one superfluous wish granted it’d be that little gals would never grow too serious and too old in the heart for twirling and swirling.


    There’s a bit of pluck & plumage to be had & worn out here. I’m grateful I’m learning new ways to be inspired and that I’m still inspired by the old sturdy standards too.



    More of this beauty soon.

    These days I’ve got my hands crafting pale slips and colorful frocks, whipping up a feast from faint to raucous heirloom duds.

     Shop Online for pale silk slips and maxi bias cut grey beaded dresses.  

    Stay tuned for bright summertime dancing gowns…

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