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  1. 01. to day

    I’ve been avoiding you.

    Things changed so slow & strangely like an alice-down-a-wonderland-hole that I’ve become secretive.

    I’ve never been secretive before so I didn’t know how to say:

    I’ve changed the mode & goal of UA. Maybe you’ve noticed, but probably you haven’t. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got life stuffs to deal with:  Sunday family suppers to go to, grandparents to visit, jobs, and siblings getting married, mending to do on the old house, and probably budgets to fret.

    Well -I’ve stopped trying to live and breath apparel design, or make it my main focus which was a 24/7 job. Anyone that is in the starving artist business knows its tale…
    Letting that go feels like flying, and they don’t tell you that when they’re telling you to shoot for your dreams. They don’t say: It’s heavy, that pack of dream dust. It’s a lot to haul up the mountain of your climb.

    So here I am – not sewing daily. Not fretting. Not wondering why I’m not “making it” right this second. And damn it feels fine. I’m not thinking of how I’m going to make it in the future either – and that feels good too.

    I have a lot to tell you – so I hope I won’t. It’ll be boring. It’ll be melodramatic, it’ll be sentimental and achey and full of metaphor.

    So instead I’ll say:

    These last 5 years have been a real bitch.

    I’ll say:

    I’m sorry.

    I’ll say:

    I didn’t know.

    I’ll say:


    Truth be told I still don’t know except that sometimes you have to change everything. Twice. Or maybe three times.

    And I’m going to keep sewing & painting. I’ll be around to take a few commissioned pieces. I’ve had a ball working on two fantasy gowns & paintings already this year.

    And I’ll still make a few three-or-so-of-a-kind heirloom pieces when I find myself wearing something into the ground that I think you might enjoy.

    And gardening.

    And laughing.

    And forgiving myself for all the things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

    Thank you for your patronage.

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Thank you for your unabashed spirit and courage.

    I’ll see you around.

    Until the next time – a little bit of my lately-

    My favorite painting commission to date:




    A December hike with my favorite gal:


    A Yuletide $1000 crane…. that’s a story for another glory…


    & me:




  2. 02. Jane, my Siren Songstress


    It seems to me this siren likes to write amazing Americana songs & I like to go do an interpretive dance acting them all out… so when she asked me to style her music video it was only natural.

    It’s bad when your daddy calls you over Christmas to say: “Hey Sis (I’m deep southern- they call all us first born women Sis up in here), anyways, he says, “Hey Sis, this CD you gave me for Christmas, I’ve listened to it 3 times through and it’s pretty dang good but what I want to know is -who wrote these songs? Because you, uh, …well -they seem to just be about your life, Particularly that one about Not Being A Good Woman…”

    Yeah. Well. Strong work.

    That’s Jane’s talent. She writes it honestly, and sometimes painfully & truthfully for us all, & even when she draws that inspiration from her own trials, our daddies hear our ballad in her voice. Better than that – that honey voice soothes and aches and breaks it all open to more and more light, and that’s all I can ask from a musical goddess really.



    Music Video shot & directed by Daniel Judson. Locally made guitar by Mountain Song Guitars. Fancy dresses by me. Makeup tutorial by Serenity Eyre – (-thank you beauty – you always teach me how to do things better). Talent – well that’s all one Ms. Jane Kramer. 




    Thanks for having me along Jane. Every minute of being around you is joy & illumination.

    If you live in Asheville or near it, or in the 4 states that surround it- you don’t want to miss her Album Release Show at The Grey Eagle. Doors open at 7pm. Join us. I’ll be the one blubbering in the back… well hopefully at the back, being the one blubbering at the front ain’t a good look on any of us….

    Click here:

    The Grey Eagle presents Jane Kramer.

    Congrats Jane – and thank you – we need how you witness. well I sure as hell do, & I mean it …just ask my daddy…

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