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  1. 01. Heirloom days | In the studio


    I’ve been perfecting my favorite shirting pattern. Once it’s absolutely right the hunt will start for the perfect linen fabric. It’s slow sewing. This piece has 31 small buttons & hand picked stitching. But it’s The One -The perfect linen shirt with heirloom details & old fashioned leanings.

    It needed a beautiful bias wrap printed organza skirt. The floral pattern is super pale and can only be seen if you’re trying. Wouldn’t this be the loveliest bridal skirt? Worn with a bright slip would change it entirely (and the floral pattern would be more apparent). It ties with a wide silk satin ribbon waistband.






    This one of a kind skirt will be in the shop update next week. See more of it then.


  2. 02. These Days

    This new studio: Space 



    This new dress on the form:





    This post with a Halifax Baby Pullover link.

    & on the sewing table: making a matching Momma & Toddler Halifax set for a friend.

    New timeless heirloom ideas for the season: bespoke women’s-ware shirts? A skirt I’ve been dying to make for years -each one a bit different. A few wrap knit pieces -wrapped  never gets out of my system.

    And a one of a kind dress fit for a modern cinderella. Speaking of – Into the Woods? Anyone else very excited?

    This too:  Instagram. So many photos of small moments in the studio. And a coup of dogs on upholstery.  Follow?

    Happy Friday. May your end of October be full of magic!

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