Detritus ’round the sun

  1. 01. Detritus ’round the sun


    Moving again. Just a few miles away this time.

    There’s that annual date that marks the passage of another year coming up for me too:
    These days I’m browner, more wrinkled, more of a loner, and often covered in splats of clay.

    I’ve lived in a more confined space this last year. Every morning I’ve had most of my workshop greeting me as I walk out the bedroom door. And I have to tell you, I don’t care how prettily I store it, being a maker means I have a lot of detritus & it can give me the panicky hives.

    Packing it up again makes me cantankerous and moody. Why as one human do I have so much stuff? One day, sooner than I like to think, I won’t be here anymore and someone will have to go through these things. They will have to divide and throw away and pass on or be too sentimental to let go of – all the trinketey things I thought would help me hold on to physicality. Or give me substance or comfort or maybe just take up the space in my head so I didn’t hold empty too often. Empty is an uncomfortable thing.

    I’ve used the excuse many times, I’m a designer; I come with a lot of beautiful clothes … & being a sentimental romantic makes it even harder to live out my heirloom minimalist ideals. So I’m working on changing that.

    I’m gifting handmade pieces that remind me of my loved ones. They can keep them or donate them on. I’m donating the other bits.

    I’m looking to keep it all around 125 items total. I think I’ll have to keep whittling and whittling until I’m there.
    I started a list years ago about what I want to be able to do in my clothes as a starting and returning place for design. It was a wonderful and hard list to read. Lots of changes have happened since then, but I am essentially the same.

    I’m keeping some work clothes on as extras. It has to happen. They get muddy. They get washed crazy. Beater clothes are needed.

    I’ll get rid of the the not-right-masses to make & own the beloved few. I’d like to keep offering that to others.

    I’ve started a pinterest board for just this. Hoping in the long run it’ll keep me honest & serve as a visual reminder. 125



    I’m coming back to myself after a couple of years of heartbreak and hardship. Loss, change, move. I’m more of who I used to be and who I always thought I was – but I’m less sure too. I’m more shy these days. My judgements are quieter. My certainty blown away. I’m sure it will come back some – maybe all of it & then it will be time to do it all again. The journey of life teaching humility and compassion -a cycle -hopefully.

    That’s this past year on reflection. A good time to move again. A good time to shed some more detritus and get back to a simpler and manageable point.

  2. 02. The Zephyr Gown

    The sea the sea!

    Silk & sand & seagulls. A silk gown called the Zephyr.







    With a sunset to match:



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