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  1. 03. Elven Atelier

    I’ve always dreamed of having an atelier full of the the softest, simplest, prettiest things for gals. (Atelier is a fancy french word for showroom/studio)

    In my dreams the atelier is run by elves when I’m off on my rambling adventures. And they procure lily pads with blooming lilies in big green ceramic pots. Fairy dust packets for attaching to little girl dresses and pumpkins by the truck load.

    Together the elves and I churn out brown paper packages surrounded by fairy lights and clothes racks full of warmth and kind hands in winter and gossamer dreams and breezes in the summer.

    Meet my new space. Interviewing elves. Setting up spaces and starting out new.

    More to come later.

  2. 04. Gratitude Friday and the big 3-0

    It’s been a week.

    I had a birthday.

    This one got me & not just because of the number but because of the things I’ve always associated with it. We all have one of those don’t we? An age about which we swirl thoughts and dreams, superstitions, fears, projections. Mine is 30.     3  0  .

    I thought a lot of stuff about this age. So many things. Mainly, where the hell is my farm house and 150 acres? I’m putting it out there now. I’ll have that by 40. Not in that ridiculous “manifesting” way – but in the – it’s really important to me and I’m going to work hard for it.

    So let’s talk commitments and wishes. My 30s are going to be about:

    Less clutter and stuff both in my house and in my body – I want magic eyes that see through to the things that are beautiful and necessary and let go of everything else with grace.

    Learning about relaxing – what it is and how to do it.

    The farm. The 150 acre farm, …. or the 30 acre farm -and on it -I will successfully grow my favorite pumpkins. Damn it.

    More impish, inspiring, letting go and having-an-all-out-ball type of adventures.

    My 1/2 marathon. I hurt my leg pretty bad – so I had to let go of the idea of running one by 30 – bodies – they get in the way sometimes. BUT the overall feel of a healthy, happy, capable body was won. I’ll run that 13 miles within the year.

    Yoga – turns out it helps. Everything. I am making a yoga commitment.

    Practicing gentleness with myself.

    Becoming more Unabashed. yes. that is a birthday wish to work for.

    And my gratitudes are similar:

    I’m grateful for a body.

    Grateful for affordable yoga.

    For a beautiful safe place to run.

    For a loving family.

    For my wonderful community.

    For amazing cooks who show up and shower us with their talents. Largely.

    For surprise dear redheads catching planes and keeping secrets.

    For cooler fall mornings.

    For ferns and flowers and dirt.

    For my magical little house.

    For upcoming adventures.

    For rain.

    For realizing – I’m still imperfect, changing, growing, learning. I’m still a child. I’m learning how to be a woman. I think I’ll have it by 80.

    Happy Friday.


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