Practically About

Unabashed apparel, the brainchild of Sarahbeth Larrimore, is an apparel design company that focuses on sustainable practices. All pieces by Unabashed apparel are limited edition. 
Every season Sarahbeth creates several one-of-a-kind pieces using special vintage and organic fabric. Taking cue from small wonders – these pieces showcase fine details and subtle mastery of the fiber arts.

Unabashed apparel donates 1 % of all profits to charity.

Sarahbeth is the designer and operator of Unabashed apparel. With her gaggle of great women, she’s settin’ out to change the world, one dress at a time. A creative whirlwind, designing pieces of clothing that fit her fantasy of simple and charming, she fully expects her clothing line to create a reaction that starts small and ends with a “whole bunch of” confident and unabashed women. She sat on the floor of her grandmother’s sewing rooms from her earliest memories. Years later she started sewing on her own. She used hand-me-down Singers, smoking electrical cords and all. While sewing interested her, it was apparel design that she found she was returning to over and over. After being bullied into a beginner’s costume design class by a dear friend, a little bird sat on her shoulder and whistled a tune she didn’t piece together until years later. The song is still unfolding…


© 2016 Sarahbeth Larrimore

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