A country gal in Western North Carolina

With my trusty dog -Vega, a beat up Honda, A couple of Berninas, A Viking, and my good ole heavy sheers.

I created UA (that’s Unabashed Apparel in short hand) when I was 23 -that was over a decade ago. I think natural fibers are endlessly enthralling – simple but malleable, in taking time to get it right, in a good cut and drape of fabric, in washing machines, and in that trusty piece of clothing you grab as you run out the door because it was made just right.

I sew late into the night when the muse comes knocking. I garden with heirloom roses and old fashioned seeds. I throw pottery on the side, oil paint when my nose twitches, and dance goofily alone while I’m ironing fabrics.


And why Unabashed? Because thinking about what I really wanted to wear & make & offer every day I wrote a little ditty about how I’d like to feel as a maker in the world & it went like this:

Unleash a light a fire
to sing to dance to stomp
to laugh to shout to create
to live
to be
whoever you are when you are


sb&b IMG_1817









that’s me -now what about you?

Drop me a line here.

Want to learn about what being a maker of heirloom clothing for women means? That’s here.

You can find me a couple more places. I’m around – pinterest, facecrack, instagram, and my selling-the-wares site: www.sblla.com

*Oh and my pal & photographer Alexis Culver took those top two photographs.

© 2016 Sarahbeth Larrimore

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