1. 01. April

    This is lovely. I know what you mean. I don’t usually believe predictions like this but since I learned of this one I had a feeling something would happen. At first it worried me but recently I felt as if it had the possibly of being a good change (and not necessarily the end of the world) Anyway, I guess it was all for not. Thanks for the beautiful post. Happy holidays!

  2. 02. sblarrimore

    Thanks friend. You too.

  3. 03. deanna

    So, I am way behind on my UA readin’, but I think that maybe I was supposed to read THIS *today*. One mighty fine meditation for the next trip around the sun. Thank you, sister love.

  4. 04. sblarrimore

    thanks gal. it’s been a really hard time up in here – maybe I need to go back and read my own bs 😉

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