1. 01. deanna

    Oh, Goddess bless, Sb, this is *divine*. I love these–the green dress? The white sleeveless one? I think these are what I wear in my dreams! Love!

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    I’ll take those compliments every day! Thank you thank you! Point of order – which green dress & which white one? I clearly had a color theme….

  3. 03. deanna

    Ha! Clearly I am not an artist, wantonly throwing around words like “green” and “white”. To your point: the dress in this here journal post and the white one in pictures 17-19 of the collections. But how to not love them all equally? Impossible, as they are all pure delights. Thank you for imbuing a gray, chilly day with some spring sunshine and deva dust. 🙂

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    Great choices. Yes indeed. Come to Asheville & try them on!

  5. 05. Lauralee

    I spy a fabric I recognize on that tank top! (#13 on page 1).
    I really adore the wrap shirt with the yellow tie.

  6. 06. Avi Sommerville

    What a beautiful,soft,sweet and warm collection. Those are the feelings that come to mind when looking at this. I can feel a warm breeze blowing…yummy…

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