Real Gals Spit


  1. 01. verhext

    Also that we could wear head to toe blush baby pink all day without covering ourselves in food & ink. Oh wait, those people don’t work or eat. SO EASY.

    One thing that gets to me a lot, and maybe I just notice it, is how non-ethnic people are in these inspiration shots. Blonde, straight hair, no thighs. Sigh.

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    yepper. so very true. it’s a little stepford wives… every so often I think I should make our photoshoots more polished, and then I smack myself and return to that whole Unabashed motto.

  3. 03. Anna McClurg

    bravo, sarahbeth! well written. and btw, i totally spit everyday, to my husband’s chagrin. heehee. actually, jed is a lot more well mannered than i am most of the time. oops… i guess my excuse is that i grew up with 5 brothers and one sister who was more of a tomboy. so what can i say…? 😉 it does get a little annoying when everywhere you see images of perfect bodies wearing perfect clothing with perfect hair and makeup. there are times i want to shut off the computer and just not look at any more “pretty” pictures because they make me feel more discontent. always good to take a step back and re-evaluate things now and then.

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    Yay Anna & spitting! Yes – well I run – therefore I spit. Other times too I’m sure. When I learned about the “farmer’s snot” I was so very excited! We’ve all been hiking, camping, or what have you and needed a tissue – I have been totally liberated with the farmer’s snot operation. Wow. I sound like a rough and tumble tomboy. I’m not really, but I appreciate self sufficiency and no nonsense approaches to life -and a lot of humor.

  5. 05. Kathy Van Kleeck

    Yes! Well said! My mantra is “be the change …” All we can do is be grounded and authentic and unapologetic and then share it with anyone who’ll listen.
    Just discovered your work via a link on Pinterest … turns out we’re both in Ashevegas – Love what you’re doing – all of it.

  6. 06. Sarahbeth

    Hi Kathy!

    Yes – I just found you too! It’s great to “meet” another artist from Asheville! Thanks for the words of kindness and support. Good luck in all your endeavors and I hope to see you around. Keep being the change gal!

  7. 07. tabitha

    authentic. thank you. you are greatly admired ♥

  8. 08. Sarahbeth

    thank you so very much. 🙂

  9. 09. lizzy

    “we’re back to our wistful ways.”

    i’m guilty of it all. the mirror-reflection-berating, the empowered words, whilst pining for everything thin.

    when can we meet.

    thank you for this. so much. for believing and for speaking and as a designer, focusing and featuring on authenticity.

  10. 10. Sarahbeth

    Wow – what a compliment Lizzy. Thank you for reading and commenting. This post has shown me I absolutely do need to grab some photos of real live stylish women.

  11. 11. Bernadette

    This was so refreshing to read. Thank you for writing this! Your clothing does indeed reveal the organic, raw, natural, REAL beauty that women possess. Wrinkles and freckles and curves add character. It’s so nice to see clothing that celebrates that!

  12. 12. Bernadette

    P.S. I spit, too, when no one’s looking! And I feel very bad-ass when I do 🙂

  13. 13. Sarahbeth

    Bernadette – Gal – you’re after my own heart. I spit when I run & I feel my most bad in that old Michael Jackson way then. Yes! Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad my clothing reveals all that goodness to you too! And – seeing as how I am above all things curious – might I just say that you & that hubby are fantabulous photographers! Glad to meet ya. All the very best.

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