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  1. 03. Highlands

    I was totally ready to get some highland cows and a few goats and never come back.

    Gracia loves herself a moor (in my opine because it’s vast and empty without a town or electric pole in sight – a little like a desert, but with water thank god).

    If I could only have procured a castle – I’d be perfecting my Sean Connery accent by now –


    Eilean Donan. Yes. Full of secrets and sackings and keepers-of-the-faith types who hire people because of dreams and bring glory back to a loch. Yes. I was meant for Scotland.


    Cream tea: Scones, clotted cream, homemade jam, powdered sugar, strawberries, black tea, castle in the background.

    Traveling is great for the inspiration pot of stew.

  2. 04. Words like Want.

    I’m doing that thing you do when you have way too much clothing and 1 dresser – switching summer to winter and packing it away in a rubbermaid tub. As I’m now old – and therefore wise. I know my habits.

    I’ll get hives from how much stuff I have. I’ll wonder why I washed the hell out of all my best garments, and vow to treat them better next time. I’ll start dreaming of white rooms and 2 possessions to my name… and then I’ll start remembering that one scarf that I’d just love to have.

    Which all leads me to pondering the human condition and words like “need”.

    I know we buy to fill instead of sitting still to feel. Deep eh?

    I can’t ever quite tell if the marketing world has got us by the balls, or if we’re just hard wired to constantly reach towards new and more.

    I’d like to make a strong vow – I Will Not Create 0r Buy Anything that is not Necessary and Worthwhile. Right.

    It’s almost time for yoga. Thank God.

    and p.s. you can buy those old hangtags at 🙂

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