1. 01. Lauralee


  2. 02. TinaT

    Awesome!!!! Hugs and love to you both. Whoot! Whoot!

  3. 03. Elisa

    Still gigglin with joy and amazement. P says after I relayed the whole wonderful series o adventures: “so fitting that it would contain all that”. Adventure humor romance action drama(the non yucky kind) love synchronicity hilarity randominterveners angels 😉 magic and success. Xo

  4. 04. Cindy

    Great for you gals! Love and best wishes. You already know what to do to make the two of you work because you’ve been doing it … xo

  5. 05. Megan

    SO happy for you both!!!

  6. 06. Megan

    Big congrats! Love as beautiful as yours makes one’s heart sing.

  7. 07. bluedogblues

    Yahoo! dance!! so much joy!

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