S/S12 Preview


  1. 01. Cynthia

    Fabulous! I love your dresses. And I’m so pleased that you are still in cahoots with Bulfinch & Barbury.

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    Thanks Cynthia! How was your gypsy summer? Hope it went well! B&B did some amazing pieces for this fall collection too! I hope I can get a post up about them in the next week.

  3. 03. Megan

    Holy moly, Sarabeth!

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    Why thank you Megan!

  5. 05. Roxanne

    So If you were to ask me what my dream dress would be, that blue one would be it. I even just told Laf that It is too bad I already get married because then I would have an amazing excuse to get it. It is absolutely stunning!

    Also, a very belated happy birthday to you dear!

  6. 06. Cynthia

    Sarahbeth, I had a great time! But now it’s time to look for a job again… I loved wearing your clothes this summmer. The linen skirt can be rinsed and hung up in the shower stall– on a warm night, it will be dry by morning. Something about the fabric weight never really gets wrinkled more than linen ought to. 🙂

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