Gratitude Friday and the big 3-0


  1. 01. Jane Flanagan

    35 was “that age” for me and I still (this week especially) experience terror and self-doubt about being this age with so much undone.

    But you sound positive, resolved, open. It makes me happy to read this post. I think you’ll have the farm too!

  2. 02. Lauralee

    You look gorgeous, SB!

  3. 03. Cindy

    Nicely said SB. You have a good head/eye for the future you want.

    Yoga will do you well, very well. Getting into a good practice with a fantastic teacher has brought my 50+ yr old self back much of the old strength and flex that had slipped away. Yes it has….

    Dream of that 150 acre farm and know that 5 acres will be about all of it you can handle.

    Happy happy birthday, thirty is just the beginning.

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    Thank you gals.

  5. 05. Serenity

    You are wise beyond your 30 years and beautifully vibrant still.
    You are the bomb.

  6. 06. Ann Marie

    love. this. post. i turn 30 next month. i like to think i don’t care, and that i’m actually looking forward to 30, but i also have a feeling i might lose it 😉

    love “magic eyes,” “less clutter,” and being gentle with yourself. those three are always on my list too.

    happy 30th birthday! you’re beautiful and inspiring.

  7. 07. Sarahbeth

    Hi Ann Marie – oooh I love an October birthday! – I do believe I’m in good company in the 30s. So many women to admire and emulate. I think you are beautiful and inspiring too! Thank you.

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