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  1. 03. Gratitude Friday

    This is the one scrappy bouquet I was able to coax out of the dead garden.

    It’s friday before a lot of stuff: a fashion show, a fashion shoot, an online shop update, a bijillion appointments early next week, on and on. If I make it through this fall without cutting off all my hair – well then wow.

    But I’m keeping up with Gratitude Fridays. They really put it all in perspective.

    I’m grateful for:

    Diligence. I really mean it. I know I’m supposed to be in the design business because I do not procrastinate. I work my ass off. All the time. Every minute.

    Friends that come over at the drop of a hat when you say, “I need your body. Come try on all these dresses with pins all in ’em.”

    Friends that get as excited about a rack full of frilly dresses as I do.

    Friends that still like the simplest of things the best.

    The phrase, “Chiffon is a four letter word.”

    Oh but I’m grateful for silk chiffon. Nothing moves the way it does.

    Godmommas: Fabric Godmommas, Fairy Godmommas and my Godmomma.

    Jewelry designers.

    Gracia. She’s been canning. I’m making ball gowns, and she’s making sure we have food put away for the winter. What a combo.



    6:55 am. It’s probably my most grateful time. I love the morning sun.

    That flowers come back. There’s hope again for next year.

    Till next week.

  2. 04. Summer Winds

    I find myself inspired by painters lately.  Waterhouse, Burne-Jones, Singer-Sargent, Dulac, Rackham, & Godward Рthey all illustrate fabric in some of the most imaginative and voluminous ways (read РI think they take some creative license here -) They must have had a wind machine in the 1890s.


    Getting ready for both a fashion show and a shoot on the same weekend has had it’s challenges, but finding inspiration hasn’t been one of them.

    Chelsea of Frolic has a lovely post featuring Unabashed apparel on Babble today. Thanks Chelsea!

    The online store will be updated with the fall/winter11 collection September 1st.

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