The Turquoise Ball


  1. 01. Lauralee

    Ok, so custom outfits for the grand finale are lovely, S/S 12 dress is gorgeous, but let’s talk about the very beautiful outfit you are wearing, SB!! The skirt is really eye catching!

  2. 02. Katyfriend

    Absolutely stunning, SB!!!

    And the dress Jackie is in – how does a girl get herself one of those?

    Keep up the amazing work!

  3. 03. Sarahbeth

    Thanks ladies!

    My skirt – wow – it was a meditation in perseverance. (Also what happens when one is so busy that they don’t get to their outfit until the week of) It’s bias strips of silk cut with a curved blade and sewn on a previously constructed bias skirt with 6 yards of gathered silk chiffon. They are basted in places, but mostly loose and then knotted at the sides. Yepper. It was a doosey.

    And Katydid – Jackie’s Dress – will be a part of the f/w12 collection. Yes it will. But my arm can be twisted…

    I do about 5 custom pieces for clients a year.

    Whew! Was that way too long an answer?

  4. 04. nadia


  5. 05. Sarahbeth

    thank you.

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