Gratitude Friday


  1. 01. Susan Johnson Smith

    and I am grateful to be a god-sister! 🙂 thanks to pearl for the good words – I needed to hear them today! xoxoxoxo

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    Me too me too!

  3. 03. tabitha

    lovely. most especially the pout..and here is why…I just shared a memory with my mother about three days ago and the memory was my first recollection of being left alone with her mother, my Granny, and I was sitting on the steps refusing to take off my shoes. My very new, very shiny “goin’ to meetin'” shoes. I love the connectivity of pouting lips, loving women, and shoes…off or on.

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    Oh I love that Tabitha! And it’s very apt. She was indeed “left” with me – though not for the first time – but it was our first power struggle day. The shoes were round 2. There was a lot of “No No B! No No!” Clearly life is always over when your godmomma makes you put on shoes!

  5. 05. tabitha

    lol @ life being over…though I must admit I love the thought of a life so simple that something like whether or not I want to wear shoes would be the biggest conflict of my day 🙂 Maybe another reason I loved this particular post so much, it helped re-focus me on my quest of simplifying my life and surroundings.

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