1. 01. Ginny

    Love this.

  2. 02. Susan Johnson Smith

    Hang in there girl! The muse can never be forced, but usually comes out when you immerse yourself in a) helping others, b) moving your body (dancing, anyone?) or cooking up a storm of something. I also talk to my muse and let her know that I have showed up, I am waiting to do the work and all I am doing now is waiting on her. I promise not to yell at her (since she is obviously late) and will “buy” her a glass of wine at the end of the day. Sometimes that works. My muse likes wine. 🙂

  3. 03. Megan

    It’s so beautiful.

  4. 04. apple

    My muse likes wine too! Maybe my muse needs to write yours a letter and invite her over for wine. …and chocolate…ALL muses like chocolate.

  5. 05. apple

    (and that dress!) I am a lucky girl.

  6. 06. shannon

    gorg dress

  7. 07. mary anne

    WANT ONE! no…seriously. let’s chat.

  8. 08. Sarahbeth

    I know. It’s lovely. Sadly – the fabric is gone. As in, from existence. While I know this is hard news and I have broken your heart, have courage – there will be another fabric that comes along and makes your insides hurt. ;p

  9. 09. Kyra

    Um, I think the muse might have gotten stuck in that gorgeous (oh-my-god-beautiful-gorgeous-i-love-it-so) dress!!!!! Can you get more fabric like that???? I want one too.

  10. 10. Sarahbeth

    Alas – no – I searched. It was exquisite, ridiculously expensive and like a siren just begging to be made into that confection. BUT -these magic threads do indeed come along. I’ll let y’all know when the next ones find me…

  11. 11. Megan

    SB – I just want to let you know that it is almost November and I am still thinking about this dress. Of course, now I am also loving my pink siren dress and coveting the new turquoise beaut you’ve created. Your eye and your talent to bend things you find into what you want them to be amazes me.

  12. 12. Sarahbeth

    thank you love – I needed that -I’m embarking on a wee change for Ua and that is stalwart support. love it. thank you.

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