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  1. 01. Roar

    pin stripe slacks.

  2. 02. katyfriend

    A particular blue wrap I have… I regularly wish it existed in nine different colors in my closet (said wrap is currently on loan with Roxanne in California… eagerly anticipating its return)!

  3. 03. Sarahbeth

    Ah pinstripes! Ah -fabulous stretchy wrap things – you know I love these both!

  4. 04. apple

    soft a-line, high-waisted cotton skirt. just below the knee.or just above. possibly lined. possibly swiss dot or something similar (obviously not of the hand-done variety- that would be epic). mostly likely a darker color so I can wear it every day and sit in the grass and not stain it beyond repair. simple. cool. what you didn’t want that much detail? ha ha! oh! and perfect light weight cardigans…

  5. 05. apple

    ps. the poppies clearly belong there. that is why there is a wee space in the walk there. it is the poppy home!

  6. 06. mary anne

    OK! fitted, black, floor-length, jersey/knit, racerback, empire waist dress w/ bronzed leather, strappy flat sandals and a long necklace w/ wooden beads on gold thread. <3 …and a mimosa with you on that fabulous front porch of yours!

  7. 07. Karen Hess

    I agree about batchelor buttons! hmmm. For me the go-to item is a long jersey skirt in an earthy color.

  8. 08. Sarahbeth

    Thanks Karen – I’m totally with you there. I have a skirt design called “the daily skirt” for a reason! 🙂

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