hello again


  1. 01. Elizabeth

    It’s been raining here, for almost a week now. I was mad at the sky until I realized my yard looked like something out of an old french movie about doomed lovers. Then I just smiled to myself and fixed my hair like a Goddard actress…

    It’s funny and lovely how our mood is so dependent on the weather. We would feel half of what we normally would if we didn’t have unending sunny days, steady, rhythmic rain, or hair defying blustery days…

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    oh I agree! I really need a bit of mood to give me some inspiration. I should start to pay attention to see if around the time I’m completely frustrated with the weather – I get my best designing on…

  3. 03. Elisa

    You inspire me. And you know I left them there on purpose for you all and Bella and Vega to find. To remember me by…. Love!

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