Dear Culprit,


  1. 01. Anna Allen

    oh my goodness! i can’t even imagine this happening! aghhh! i would be livid if this happened to me! especially custom made dresses!!!! i hope he returns them to you! hopefully you were at least insured. aghh. so frustrating! :/

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    oh I know! And you know what it’s like to slave over pieces – and then to have someone take your hard work right off the doorstep of your customer/client/friend like it ain’t no thing?! Argh! And sadly, the postal service says it’s out of their hands. Thanks for the sympathy!

  3. 03. Erik Harrison

    This is ass. Mega-ass.

  4. 04. Jen

    Maybe try to imagine the dresses having a better fate even if the initial intention was cracked out desperation? Maybe one became a much needed baby blanket? Maybe someone will find it and appreciate the work that went into it? I’m sorry that happened! Maybe they’ll be even better when you make them again or maybe something important will dawn on you while you’re repeating the motions. xo

  5. 05. Sarahbeth

    You’re absolutely right. Although several pieces were one of a kind and can’t be reproduced – it makes my heart hurt for dear friend/ client. I’m still hoping they’ll stuff the dresses back in the mail box – oh hope – we’ll see – maybe something great will work out.

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