1. 01. apple

    SB!!! *gasp* NO COW TIPPING! Thats not nice! Ps. I have a crush on your dotted swiss.

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    says the gal with the cow tipping shirt. I have your number. As for the dotted swiss. 2 sleeves down, now I need to decide if I want the whole shirt dotted – or just the sleeves.

  3. 03. chelsea

    beautiful. just amazing!!

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    thank you!

  5. 05. jean

    the other day Jack said to me that embracing femininity in this world was absolutely a courageous act. just sayin’.
    ps – i need to send you a picture of my birthday top. the compliments i have received on it today! i’m not alone in being in love.
    pps – hey, that’s my teacup! <3<3<3

  6. 06. Sarahbeth

    Jack = wise sage. Also – “hey that’s my teacup!” may be one of my favorite comments ever.

  7. 07. apple

    snaps to jack! I believe YOU now own the cow tipping t-shirt. and I hate to say it… but I vote for the whole shirt. dotted swiss, not cow tipping.

  8. 08. Sarahbeth

    really? the whole shirt? You may learn to hand embroider before it’s all done. …and yes, I love that shirt – but it was totally yours first.

  9. 09. apple

    quiet. contemplation. slow nod…. yes, I could probably learn to hand embroider. there is a romanticism that appeals to me there. I could totally see evenings in the attic with tea and embroidery. I think I was born in the wrong time. 🙂

  10. 10. Aurora

    Indeed you do 🙂 Also, did you post that on my birthday purposely? And for the record, you have cultivated a guilty pleasure in me.

  11. 11. Sarahbeth

    Not on purpose -no – must be my innate magic. Or coincidence.

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