gratitude friday


  1. 01. Katyfriend

    That picture of the dogs has made my day (sorry about the pottery though)!

    PS – I’m grateful for you, too!!!

  2. 02. Lauralee

    Oh wow, look at those puppies! And you are a very good sister. 🙂

  3. 03. Susan

    I am so very grateful for so much the warm sun patch on my floor that warms my feet, my new kick ass job, my fluffy dog that begs me to stay home and play,…..your posts -especially the faces on your brother’s dogs very cute.

  4. 04. apple

    GOOD THING THEY ARE SO PURTY! (great pic).I am grateful for all the dogs. and I am grateful you are a few days closer to a woodburning stove! and I am grateful for the little family i love- singing brothers- unruly dogs, model dog, biscuit makers and a magic virgo I know.x

  5. 05. nadia

    i love reading this post, i love the first photograph, i love when we start to seethe garden again, i love your new collection.

  6. 06. Sarahbeth

    I’m loving that you all are sharing your gratitudes with me! What a wonderful added perk to gratitude fridays.

    Katy: I hope you had a fabulous birthday
    Lauralee: Here’s to being great sisters to wonderful brothers.
    Susan: Oh how I love a warm sunny patch! Congrats on your job! Whoop!
    Apple: What would we do without the warm furries and their wet sweet noses?
    Nadia: Thank you for all of those kindnesses. I’m very glad you like the summer collection. It will keep unfolding and hopefully by the time I’m done debuting it, you too will see a little warmth and garden stirrings.

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