Lotte & Bloom


  1. 01. Erin

    dang that’s lovely;) nice find!!

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    why thank you friend!

  3. 03. cindy

    that is so lovely, order me a shirt too

  4. 04. apple

    I think we need a wee field trip over the pond… lets go lets go lets go! We could pick up lovely t-shirts while we are there.

  5. 05. Jana

    They do make a tote bag, which I promptly ordered!!

  6. 06. Sarahbeth

    Oh I know – Lotte and I have been having a little discussion about it. I told her I want 3 adorable t-shirts in that canvas tote bag asap please!!! Glad you ordered one!

  7. 07. Regina

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  8. 08. Mefhi

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