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  1. 03. Cobwebs and Fairy Dust

    On the inspiration wall for s/s12.

    chandelier by lee bul

  2. 04. A Quickening Rain

    It’s raining here. Which I forgot I loved. Too many days of snow and bone chilling wind. I forgot the rain could be kind. It’s supposed to turn frosty this evening, but I think it won’t. I think the seasons know that their days of winter storming are coming to a close. That’s what a quickening is. A slight shiver in the current flow that lets you know, change is coming. Light is returning. Someday soon, daffodils will poke out their sleepy heads and ask, “Is it time to wake up yet?” And they’ll catch us by surprise (that is if they haven’t all been eaten by mean-spirited voles).

    So in honor of that I am indeed changing the images on Unabashed apparel’s front page. I made stern promises and finger wagging at myself about not jumping the proverbial gun into long and languid summer days, but I’ve had the flu and you just can’t really shake a flu unless you whisper summer nothings to it. So here I am. Whispering like a blow horn, I’ll be swimming in a river some warm month soon.

    Stay tuned for the release of s/s11 shot by Jana Busbin, styled by Hallie Richards, and modeled by Kristin Brace, Sadie Carlson, and one mighty fine Vega Lux.

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