Keeping Warm and Stylish by Just Plain Lovely


  1. 01. apple

    love love love this. I am inspired to go curate some winter layers! more snow please. (ok not too much more…)

  2. 02. Katyfriend

    Lovely! It makes me wish we were having a real winter out here in Portland… But I’m thinking a nice cowl would still work in 50 degree rain, right?

  3. 03. Jennevieve

    I want every single item mentioned! Great post!

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    I have heard that the NE has been seriously left out of the winter wonderland goings on! So sorry, and yet, are you so toasty?

    Yes indeed – fabulous picks by Just Plain Lovely!

  5. 05. Liz & Anna

    LOVE those daughters of liberation pants & the over-the-knee suede pants! It’s so refreshing to see winter clothes that are cute, comfy & warm!

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