Happy Type of Grateful


  1. 01. nadia

    Have a wonderful holiday, i love minnesota and even though it might be cold and dark the spirit there is awesome in the winter time!

  2. 02. Sarahbeth

    Oh I know! It’s the only time a North Carolina gal can live out her Little Women sledding and skating fantasies!

  3. 03. Daogreer Earth Works

    I have two friends with that tattoo. They tell me a few more of their friends also have that tattoo…

  4. 04. Sarahbeth

    I don’t believe I will be getting it – but I do think it’s a poignant thing to have permanently inked on an impermanent body. Nevermind all the times that very phrase actively helped my teenage self. Someone should come up with a tattoo that would fade after 10 years.

  5. 05. beth lord

    Thanks for the mention of the indie-pendent! I love the tattoo as well. Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. 06. Sarahbeth

    absolutely! have a fabulous holiday yourself!

  7. 07. Lauralee

    Have a lovely holiday!

  8. 08. Sarahbeth

    you too!

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