Gratefully Home


  1. 01. mary anne

    …SUCH a perfect image!

  2. 02. Cindy

    The Miksch house has been closed since winter 2010 so this is an especially rare scene. Just lovely. It makes me homesick.

  3. 03. Sarahbeth

    oh no! why? I love the simple Miksch house and gardens. Hope it opens soon…

  4. 04. cindy

    They tell us “no, it is closed for good” That is the one house in Salem I envision myself living in. The whole thing is perfect for two people.

    The cellar is creepier than most but I could fix that! I would sleep in the back bedroom in the warm months, the garret when it was cold. A simple bed with curtains and the windows could be left open to let in the breeze, shutters closed when the weather was threatening. The front attic space would make a nice bathroom, since I am short, but I would not have electricity.

    You could come and stay any time you wanted and we would play with fabric and ribbon. The shed of course would be work space for the messier things like making candles and soap, potting plants and drying herbs. The necessary outside would include a shower for summer.

    Enough! I better go get dressed to play 1807 today.

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