1. 01. apple

    HOLY pumpkins i love that!

  2. 02. LauraLee

    I can’t see black oxfords working, but other colors could be cool. I googled “oxford shoes” when reading your question- check out these embroidered white patent leather ones at a vintage store in Brooklyn: http://www.wunderbloc.com/boutique/products/details.php?productId=2399
    I am jealous of your creative time- it sounds like heaven!

  3. 03. Sarahbeth

    those shoes were beautiful! and I agree – no oxfords. I’m going to wear my grey cowgirl boots. 😛

  4. 04. chelsea

    love these pumpkins. my friend pam has had them in her shop ink and peat every year and i always go crazy over them.

  5. 05. Sarahbeth

    how do you keep yourself from buying a dozen? Oh man – my pumpkin collection has grown on the front porch. I keep saying they are “props” for my upcoming photo-shoot… uhhuh…

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