On the Steps of The Courthouse


  1. 01. Daogreer Earth Works

    Love this. Talent you have, my friend – both in the creating and in the writing about.

  2. 02. slt

    SB – you make some pretty stuff and i love seeing it. xoxo

  3. 03. LauraLee

    Love the vertical darts with the “something blue” stitching!

  4. 04. LMay

    This post makes me want to get married in a Unabashed Apparel dress. Oh wait, I just did! Sb, you are so good at the dreaming bits and the making them real bits and the communicating them in a lovely way bits.

  5. 05. apple

    did I just hear you suggest taking gin to the court house? I love you. ha! love the lace. very very sweet.

  6. 06. Jana

    I am languishing in the Spanish sun dying of lust for this dress.

    It is so utterly perfect. You make a wild horse kinda girl want to get married for a minute just so she can wear it. Or look at it… or put my fingers on it, just for a fleeting moment…

    Sigh. You done it again.

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