1. 01. Jean

    Oh Sarahbeth. This post – okay, there has to be a list:
    a- thank all the powers that be that you’re going on vacation. Nobody I know deserves a vacation more than you.
    b- remember, even though the sun’s on the downward swing, you’ve still got lots and lots of summer headed your way. NC just takes a little while to get into its summer stride.
    c- thinking about Vega and butter and her sleeping made me miss her even more. I want to bake cookies in your kitchen and shoo her away from the wrapper-filled trash while she looks more pitiful than a puppy has ever looked.
    d- our phone conversation turned my day around yesterday and reminded me of how incredibly grateful I am for our friendship. you are the brightest, sparkliest, most solidly wonderful friend ever. xoxoxo

    okay, enough schmoopy, you’ve got some vacating to do! love you.

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