Giveaway! Whoohoo!


  1. 01. Katyfriend

    Does the card next to the hat say “Suzy Queue?” I totally didn’t catch that the first time I looked at the picture! You’d think after all these years of exchanging letters I could decipher your hand better. Either way, you are too cute!

  2. 02. admin

    YesM’ it sure does – my handwriting = unique = Not Readable

  3. 03. apple

    tony said, after glancing at your last letter, “you will have to read this.. what the hell does that say?” 🙂 I told him you were a dr. in your last life…

  4. 04. apple

    and i love love love the wee buttons on that btw

  5. 05. Jennifer Nelson

    I love your site and drool at each and every one of your glamerous items! The tank is adorable, I love the color! My eyes are similar to that color, it would look so pretty on me…. I’d love to be entered In your contest.
    #2, I’m going to post your site on facebook and flaunt your fabulous must have items.
    #3. I have posted your site within several of my eBay fashion boutique groups! I even posted a picture of your giveaway. Ohh I can’t wait to see who wins…. Hopefully mua! 🙂
    Jennifer Nelson
    San Francisco, CA

  6. 06. Susan Lundgren

    It is so much fun to watch you grow…..I love your unabashed ways!

  7. 07. admin

    Thank you – you can really say you’ve know Unabashed apparel since god was a boy!

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