a long time old friend


  1. 01. Jean

    I have to admit… this post makes me right homesick for Pumpkin Hill.

    Everything looks beautiful.

    Love you-

  2. 02. unabashedapparel

    JEEEEAAAN! It was you! You trickster hoodlum – I was on the phone with you -you remember -the last time when we got cut off and POOF – my phone died DED. Yep. I miss you. I want to talk to you soon – damn it. Must go get new phone today…

  3. 03. TinaT

    Hmmmm…Cordial….sounds perfect for me! What piece shall I purchase in Cordial this Fall? That is the question. I figure if I cannot have my SB on a daily basis, I need to at least be able to wrap myself up in her. (or at least her latest creation).


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