even though it’s snowing…


  1. 01. katyfriend

    I love you!!! I absolutely fell in love with grape hyacinths just last week while looking at blueish flowers for the wedding in September… not that they will be in sustainable, local season in September – but it did inspire us to switch our plans of blue from iris to hyacinth!

  2. 02. apple

    i would also be willing to name paint colors, eye shadows, lipsticks etc… you get the point… this is all lovely my the way. and i like the lacey bits on the cabbage shirt. i’ll be interested to see the hussy camisole. 😉 see i can name things. i love you. hoped the kale turned out right. xoxo

  3. 03. unabashedapparel

    not so sure how I feel about you cutting to the chase on my tarte cami… you red-headed strumpet!

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